Makeup 21

Makeup has become an indispensable part of the daily life in the modern world and with technological innovation, new products and techniques appear constantly making the makeup market one of constant evolution. Well done makeup is capable of transforming, masking or even covering imperfections as well as enhancing lines and expressions, reflecting and even reinforcing one's personality. Beyond its aesthetic capabilities, makeup may also function as skin protection through its own ingredients that often feature nutrient, moisturiser and even sunscreen components that have been dermatologically tested. MakeUp21 appears with the goal of providing its clients with professional training geared towards makeup artistry, as certified by the Portuguese Government under DGERT, meeting their very high quality standards. All MakeUp21 products meet the legally required standards set for Europe as enforced in Portugal by CNPN/INFARMED, a plus for safety and in professional terms.Learn more about our makeup training courses and professional products.